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Press reports

APPIA helps vigilant-coma patient again

Peterskirchen. For more than eleven years, the company APPIA, a hotel design and hotel furnishing company with 90 employees, has been donating to the association “Vigilant-Coma Patients in Peterskirchen”. This was founded in 2003 to support Martina Brunner from Peterskirchen. Once again the company handed over 1,500 Euro for the expensive care at her family home and special therapies. more

Source: PNP

Hotel Zoo - Hotel Real Estate of the Year

Report in HOTELBAU – Nov/Dec.2015 – Number 6

After the new owners had bought the former VIP hotel at Kurfürstendamm, they had it gutted. The revival of old times, garnished with the theme “zoo”, seems to have been successful, because, in addition to all the quadrupeds adorning the interior, lots of “higher mammals on two legs” have been stepping through the doors of the establishment once again. more

hotelbau 6/2015

New in Unterneukirchen

The Hotel Traumschmiede in Unterneukirchen in Bavaria is the “home away from home” for business travellers, pilgrims, short-stay holidaymakers, cyclists and connoisseurs. Concentrated upon the essential, but still thoroughly comfortable, because the Hotel Traumschmiede rebuilt in 2015 is tailored to guests’ real needs. The cosy rooms offer every guest what they need. more

Source: PNP

Giardino Ascona - the world champions slept there in

The Hotel Giardino Ascona in Switzerland is the official host of the national German football team. Philippe Frutiger, the CEO of the Giardino Group with four luxury hotels, will be spending these two weeks exclusively in the “Giardino”, because they are expecting an important visit there. more

"Hotelier CH" - report on The Alpina Mountain Resort Tschiertschen

LUXUS in three-star boutique resort

The Walser village of Tschiertschen is not St. Moritz, Davos or Arosa. But in this little mountain village, located a few kilometres south-east of Chur, a superlative three-star hotel was opened last December: The Alpina Mountain Resort & Spa with 20 rooms and suites. A pearl of a hotel away from the big Swiss tourist sites. «Hotelier» spoke with host Michael Gehring. more

Edition 5/2016

Careers Information Evening 2016 in Arnstorf and Pfarrkichen

APPIA took part in the careers information evening at the middle schools in Pfarrkirchen and Arnstorf. The two events are intended to provide pupils from the 7th to 9th grades “the most differentiated picture possible of the domestic economy and to enthuse future skilled employees for the company”, said middle school principal Mr. Jürgen Böhm in summary at the event in Arnstorf. more

"Hotel Properties" - Report on the Traumschmiede

Where dreams come true!
The new Hotel Traumschmiede in Upper Bavaria celebrates its première with a smart hotel concept. more

„hotel objekte“
Edition 1/2016

"Hotel Gastro Style" Austria - report on Relaxresort Kothmuehle

Kothmühle in the Lower-Austrian village of Neuhofen an der Ybbs is not only one of the largest and most modern seminar hotels and relaxation resorts in the region, but also a proud fermenter with its own in-house ciders. So it is no wonder that the cider pears were an inspiration in the latest renovations and extensions of the hotel. more

Edition 1a/16
"hotelstyle & gastro"

APPIA holds trainee excursion
09/2015, source:pnp

As an internationally successful company in the fields of hotel furniture, interior architecture and construction management, APPIA is endeavouring to expand its team, which currently numbers 90 employees, and is pleased with the new trainees. This year too, the company APPIA once again invited its trainees to the so-called Trainee Start-Up Trip. more

Ready for Take Off
HOTELBAU: Heft No. 4

A Stuttgart architect already offered the project to Dorint in2008. Because of the high development of the plot, however, work could not be started on the actual construction until December 2013. The proximity to Stuttgart Airport and the fair made the site attractive for a business hotel for fair visitors, corporate customers and conferences… more

HOTELBAU: Heft No. 2

Recognising and fulfilling dreams is the recipe for success of Josef Wund, the father of Therme Erding. In order to complete his dream in Erding he opened Hotel Victory on 21 October. It is inspired by the famous English sailing ship HMS Victory and offers direct access to the world’s largest roofed leisure baths… more

Bavaria ahoy
Top Hotel No. 3/15

The Therme in Erding, the world’s largest roofed pool landscape, now has its own hotel. After several various investors had failed, the operators themselves took the reins and dared to break new ground. The Victory is thus the first hotel of the Wund group of companies, which has proved in the past few years that it can go through successful transformations. It used to construct clinics and football stadia, and then specialised in thermal baths… more

The Dorint Airport-Hotel Stuttgart
Top Hotel No. 7-8/15

... made a great take-off on 1 June 2015. In keeping with the location near the airport, everything revolves around flying at the chain’s first thermal baths hotel, into which 15 million Euro has been invested. The theme has been implemented in a snappy way in many places and is an inviting prospect for more than just flight passengers… more

Project of Superlatives
Hotel & Catering Style – Austria 03/15

Since summer 2014, it has been possible for the first time to stay overnight directly on the premises of Therme Erding. The Hotel VICTORY THERME ERDING is inspired by the HMS Victory of Lord Nelson, as if the legendary ship had just weighted anchor at Venice. more

Modern and yet alpine!
Hotelier Schweiz No. 5/15

At first glance, the Golf-Hotel Les Hauts de Gstaad & SPA is one of many four-star hotels in the Bernese Oberland. At second glance, the hotel, which is open all year round, reveals itself to be a good example of clear positioning. The hotelier family Sprenger von Siebenthal has invested almost 1.4 million francs in the hotel in the past few months. Summary: a modern and yet cosy alpine holiday hotel… more

Opening of the Ronald McDonald Haus and Oase Passau
Saturday, 25 July 2015

Passau. For many parents it is an awful thing to imagine: Your child becomes seriously ill and has to be treated for weeks or months at a clinic far away from home. In addition to their worries about their sick child, there are also organisational and financial challenges for them: How does one organise the daily visit... more

APPIA congratulates highest-scoring accountant
29.07.2015, Source:pnp

Peterskirchen. The company APPIA congratulates employee Ramona Spiel on her successful qualification as accountant, scoring best-in-exam with the Lower Bavaria CIC 2015. She took the part-time course of study from 05.11.2013 to 24.06.2015 and passed the examination with an outstanding average mark of 2.0... more

Local council visits APPIA
22.07.2015, Source:pnp

Peterskirchen. The local council wants to secure an acceptable and satisfactory implementation of the village renovation measures in Peterskirchen. For this, it met for a non-public session in front of the location.... more

Young skilled workers are role models
21.07.2015, Source:pnp

Ergolding. They are the new business economists, accountants, HR managers or head cooks – more than 250 graduates of a CIC further training course in Ergolding... more

Congratulations on state award

The company APPIA congratulates Lisa Baumgartner on the state award that she has received. With an average mark of 1.25 she is one of the best among the trainees for the profession of industrial business management assistant in 2015... more

Hotel Zoo Berlin
TOP Hotel Edition 12/14

Berlin is not Hollywood. Nevertheless: with the Berlinale film festival, the UFA film production site in neighbouring Potsdam and its popularity as a shooting location, the capital is playing at international level. For the re-opening of Hotel Zoo in November, the American interior designer Dayna Lee was commissioned, who works in the film industry and designs scenery and film sets. And it shows ... more

Hotel Zoo Berlin
HOTELBAU No. 1 – January/February 2015

Who doesn’t sometimes want to bring back the good old times? The Hotel Zoo at Kurfürstendamm in Berlin, which opened with a large gala on 20 November 2014, shows how this might be done. The hotel had its heyday in the 50s and 60s, when it housed the stars of the day as the VIP hotel for the Berlinale. The new owners Manfred Weingärtner and Robert Hübner want to draw upon this era. That is why Dayna Lee from Powerstrip Studios in New York and Los Angeles, who has already worked as art director for Hollywood film productions, was their choice of interior architect ... more

Dorint Airporthotel Zürich
Hotelbau No. 3/14

There are more than a few hotels at the Zurich Airport. On 1 March, another one opened: the Dorint Airport Zürich with 239 rooms and a large conference area. The 4-star business hotel, the floor plan of which represents the Swiss cross, is the third Dorint hotel in Switzerland. The new hotel is entirely focussed on business, but also upon flexibility. more

Hotel Königsburg
Hotelbau No. 3/14

The new Hotel Königsburg, with 68 family rooms, opened its doors punctually on 5 April 2014, for the start of the season at Legoland Günzburg. more

Austira Trend Hotel Europa
Hotelstyle Austria 09/14

Located directly at Salzburg Main Railway Station, the 58 m-high Austria Trend Hotel Europa, is the city’s highest building. Its façade, designed by the architect Josef Becvar in 1956/57, is divided by generously-sized window openings that allow the building’s interior lighting to produce a striking effect at night. The hotel is one of a total of four Austria Trend hotels in Salzburg and offers guests 103 rooms. more

Astoria Lucerne
Hotelier Switzerland 10/14

In the four-star Haus Astoria in Lucerne, fifty rooms have been completely redesigned. Hundreds of rooms were carefully renovated, as hotelier Urs Karli said to “Hotelier” The hotel’s lobby and various conference rooms are now also newly resplendent. “The hotel foyer now has a soul”, says hotelier Karli. “We have brought atmosphere and warmth to the lobby with subtle colours and an entirely new lighting concept.” The formerly white rooms are now dominated by colourful cushions, bed covers and coloured photos. more

Dreaming at a high level ...

APPIA CONTRACT specialises in the interior furnishing and interior fitting-out of hotels in new builds, extensions, conversions and renovations. This company, which has its production site in Germany, offers various service modules such as project management, hotel consulting, hotel planning and construction services such as drywall construction, building services, sanitation technology, electrical work, painting and flooring work either individually or as a general contractor for hotels. The Appia team consists of architects, project controllers and construction managers, which implement hotel interior construction projects as the partner of hotel investors. more

Dorint Airport-Hotel Zürich
Hotelier Schweiz 4/14

The new Dorint Airport-Hotel Zürich has been open since the beginning of March. During the building phase, the hotel in the shape of a Swiss cross, designed by the architecture agency Burkhalter & Sumi from Zurich, appeared in the architecture magazine more

Golfhotel Les Hauts de Gstaad & SPA
Top Hotel 1-2/14

Good reviews thanks to "Alpine chic" The Golfhotel Les Hauts de Gstaad & SPA in Switzerland was comprehensively renovated in two stages, with, in spring, all 27 rooms in the main building and, in November, the public areas on the ground floor in the more

Hotel Spitzhorn Saanen
Hotelier Schweiz 11/13

The hotelier couple Michel and Ilse Wichmann (formerly of the Grand Hotel Bellevue Gstaad) have found a new challenge: the three-star superior Hotel Spitzhorn in Saanen near Gstaad. more

Hotel Agora
hotelstyle 07/13

The Hotel Agora in the Swiss city of Lausanne was recently thoroughly renovated. It now welcomes its guests as the first “Swiss Night Hotel” and takes up the theme of “Swissness” in a new way. This term, which emerged at the end of the 90s, positions Switzerland commercially as a trendy brand. The positively associated attributes of fairness, precision, reliability, political stability, naturalness, multiculturalism, accuracy and cleanliness are combined and marketed as typically Swiss, also and especially abroad. more

Special Edition Hotelbau 11/12 2013

Bergheim 41 in the “Altes Hallenbad”, or Old Indoor Pool, in Heidelberg is an important building block in the successful revitalisation of the listed inner-city building complex. more

Expertise meets creativity
hotelstyle 11/2013

For decades, Appia has been concentrating exclusively upon hotel furnishing, hotel consulting, hotel planning and hotel renovation. More than 90 employees, predominantly deployed in production and project management, have many years of experience in the realisation of international hotel projects. Where the expertise of others comes to an end, Appia find the way to a solution: The company convinces with its individual solutions, hand-produced furniture items, the latest logistics, exceptional quality and not least of all with numerous references: more

Golfhotel les hauts de Gstaad & Spa

At first glance, the Golfhotel Les Hauts de Gstaad & SPA is one of many four-star hotels in the Bernese Oberland. At second glance, the hotel, which is open all year round, reveals itself to be a good example of clear positioning. The hotelier family Sprenger von Siebenthal has now invested over a million francs in the hotel more

Kempinski Corvinus

An extremely short time window. Renovation during continued business as well as demolition and core removal work, sometimes at a height of nine metres - the conditions for the renovation of the whole public area in the luxury hotel Kempinski Corvinus in Budapest would have more

Altstadthotel Passau
firstclass 09/13

Regina Riedel already had to struggle with the flood-waters of the Elbe in her Romantik Hotel Deutsches Haus in Pirna back in 2002. The owner therefore decided back then to take precautions and to produce an emergency plan that is implemented in the event of a flood forecast of 6 m and rising - also a requirement of the insurer. If the water is this high, the guest rooms areas in the cellar will already be flooded. In the case of a forecast of 8.30 m the plan envisages the clearing of the ground floor areas. more

Kempinski Corvinus Budapest
Hotelstyle 05/13

The new ground floor of the Kempinski Hotel Corvinus Budapest delights with elegance & chic and now provides its guests with many attractive options for relaxation, communication and enjoyment. The high requirements of the hotelier for the hotel's new appearance were optimally implemented thanks to the expertise and commitment of Appia GmbH as general contractor. more

Hotel Ritzlerhof
Hotelstyle 05/13

The new Ritzlerhof Selfness & Genuss Hotel welcomes its guests on a high plateau in the small Tirolean village of Sautens with a gorgeous panoramic view onto the lower stretches of the Ötz valley. Embedded in five hectares of nature, forests and meadows, this means the successful realisation of a long-cherished dream for the owners and hosts. more

Hotel im Schulhaus
First class 05/13

The school clock still hangs on the wall even if there is no longer a loud gong waking up the guests in the Hotel im Schulhaus at Lorch on the Rhine. The building, constructed in 1933, was designed as a school and was used as such until 2007. After that, the old Wisperschule stood empty - until 2011: Then, Franziska Breuer-Hadwiger, herself a former pupil of the school and also the owner of a nearby vineyard, took it on and in April 2013 opened the Hotel im Schulhaus more

Hotel im Schulhaus
Top Hotel 05/13

Director Susanne Röntgen-Müsel invited her reception team at the beginning of the year to check the showrooms - and was pleased by both the furnishing and the colour scheme. In the meantime, all 44 rooms of the Hotel im Schulhaus in Lorch (Rheingau) have been completed and the first guests were welcomed in April. more

Spreewald Thermenhotel
Hotelbau March/April 13

A trick question: Where did the Berliner go, when he wanted to get out of the city and into the countryside? Answer: A Berliner never leaves Berlin! But if a Berliner really does want to get out into the country, one of his first options is the Spreewald (Spree Woods). There where the Spree river pours over a whole area instead of just a riverbed and has been directed by people into many small water channels, called streams, there has traditionally been an excursion area for tourists, in which the activities of the guests are particularly characterised by canoe trips and a whole network of extended cycling routes. more

Hotel Agora Swissnight
Hotelier Switzerland 1-2/13

Fassbind. The name might ring a bell, but you are unlikely to associate it with the family that, in its sixth generation, operates hotels all over Switzerland and represents the biggest Swiss family-managed hotel chain with 1,040 rooms in Geneva, Lausanne, Bern and Zurich. With the total refurbishment of the Fassbind hotel Agora Swiss Night in Lausanne (investment sum around 20 million francs), hotelier Eric Fassbind is now ringing in a new era. And a new brand concept. more

The Hotel Inspector

The core competency of Appia Contract GmbH consists of individualised interior furnishings, fittings and fixtures for newly constructed hotels or those undergoing expansion or conversion. Appia is the leading facilities specialist for the upscale individual hotel and select hotel chains. From a refined structural shell we offer everything in one place from the interior design planning - in co-operation with world renowned, international designers - to in-house manufacture, right up to complete interior design and overall project management.

Hotel Spec

The core competency of APPIA CONTRACT consists of individualized interior furnishings, fittings and fixtures for newly constructed hotels or those undergoing expansion or conversion. Appia is the leading facilities specialist for the upscale individual hotel and select hotel chains. From a refined structural shell we offer everything in one place from the interior design planning- in CO-operation with world renowned, international designers- to in house manufacture right up to complete interior design and overall project management. Through the complete service, where we take on all responsibility for all works, we save our customers time and money through better co-ordination, avoiding rebuilding, better fits and better planned delivery! We not only view furniture individually but also the spatial conditions as well as the functional task. Through precise functional analysis by our planning experts it is possible for us to take into account the optimal needs of guests. The artistic atmosphere is also enhanced in this way. You set the tone- we compose the perfect piece!

Hotel Kremstaler Hof
Hotelstyle 09/12

The Kremstalerhof in Leonding stands for a personal and pleasant atmosphere in which guests are intended to feel at home. As a slowly but steadily growing family operation, the Weixelbaumer family is here focussing on lived tradition and caters to individual wishes in what it provides, with a great deal of joy and passion. more

Austria Trend Hotel Doppio
Hotelbau 09/12

In its exterior design, the Hotel Doppio with the Doppio Offices can and must not be considered on its own: It is part of the office and business centre "T-Center St. Marx", designed by the only recently deceased architect Günther Domenig with his team in an exciting architecture with several building parts as a reclined skyscraper sculpture more

Austria Trend Hotel Doppio
HotelStyle 06/12

In the middle of June, after 20 months of construction time, a new four-star hotel of the Verkehrsbüro Group opened in Neu Marx, with 155 rooms and a 7,514 square-metre office complex. The two buildings meet to form an L and correlate perfectly with the sculptural shape of the already existing T-Centre which has won civil engineering awards. "The Austria Trend Hotel Doppio and Doppio Offices are important initiators for the new Viennese life-science and media location of Neu Marx. For example, the business customers and guests of events can stay overnight in the immediate area at the Austria Trend Hotel”, explains Mag. Renate Brauner, Deputy Mayor of the City of Vienna. more

Hotel Solsana
hotelbau 06/12

The rooms are of different sizes and were renovated by Appia Contract. It was important to have strong contrasts and few obstacles, in order to make it easier for the visually impaired and blind guests to make their way around. A third of the rooms are also suitable for wheelchairs. more

Hotel Solsana
Hotelier 06/12

The intention is for blind and visually impaired people to feel even more at home at the hotel Solsana in Saanen - and especially for them to enjoy even more comfort. That is why 35 rooms have been completely refurbished in the last few months. The renowned company Appia Contract, which specialises in hotel renovations, was entrusted with the interior construction. According to Hotel Director Daniel Leuenberger, the aim was to design the room decorations, infrastructure, furnishings and the lighting in such a way that visually handicapped but also sighted guests feel at home. Example: Light and Lighting: "The room lighting has to be bright enough, but indirect and dimmable, so that visually handicapped people are not dazzled and can orient themselves easily", says Leuenberger. more

Suisse Majestic Hotel Montreux
Hotelier September 2011

Total renovation for 25 million

The Suisse Majestic Hotel in Montreux. A venerable grand hotel from the Belle Epoque. Four stars. 155 rooms and suites. According to Bilanz-Rating 2010 it is one of the best city hotels in Switzerland (25th place). The hotel has now been completely renovated - for 25 million francs. The result is a "modern classic”, as General Manager Andrés Oppenheim puts it. more

Hotel Astoria Lucerne
Hotelier June 2011

In the Astoria Hotel in Lucerne, one of the best four-star hotels in the City of Lights, 71 rooms were completely renovated between January and the middle of March. Hotelier Urs Karli entrusted the renovation work to the renowned German company Appia Contract GmbH. more

Luxurious City Palais
Hotelier May 2011

The Renaissance Lucerne Hotel was stylishly renovated for 12 million francs and transformed into a City Palais after a six-month conversion period. The only remnant reminding one of the former Hotel Schiller is the historical façade. Together with the design team of Marriott and the German Appia Contract, hotelier Urs Karli has "created" a small and unique luxury hotel. more

Courtyard by Marriott Linz
Hotelbau May 2011

For the conversion of the entrance hall, particular attention was devoted to the repositioning of the reception. The "back of house" slides into the hall as a spatial cube and forms the rear wall of the three single counters. Beige-brown shades, combined with the expressive rosewood and the accent colour orange lend the lobby a warm, exciting atmosphere. more

Romantic renovation
FirstClass March 2011

Outwardly adhering to the traditional Alpine style, with a view of the castles Neuschwanstein and Hohenschwangau, the Hotel Rübezahl now has an interior presented in a modern alpine style with extras that might provide new experiences even for experienced guests. The spa of the four-star superior hotel was supplemented with an outdoor pool that invites the guest to fully enjoy the view of the castles. In addition there is a new salt cave, a quiet area with a stream flowing through it, and a hearth and a sun-deck with relaxation loungers and an open-air bar. Where, until autumn 2010, the restaurant already began, there is now a lobby lounge with bar. more

Austria Trend Hotel Schillerpark
HotelStyle 2011

Interior Architecture: Planungsbüro Bachhuber-Geissinger
Completion: April 2011
Building Costs: € 1 mio. (excl. VAT)
Hotel Furnishing: Appia Contract GmbH
Wellness Planner: Planungsbüro Bachhuber-Geissinger
Infrared Cabin: Physiotherm GmbH
Büro Grömmer & Daxner: Furnishing Schiller's and Restaurant
APPIA Contract GmbH: Complete renovation of the rooms
Backhausen interior textiles GmbH: Fabrics more

Clever furnishing in moving rooms
hotelstyle Dec 2009

At the trade fair IGEHO 2009 from 21st to 25th November Appia Contract GmbH presented an innovative solution to the problem of many hoteliers who have to sell double rooms as single rooms and make do with the available range of rooms. With the "Hotel Rooms in Motion", a versatile room system was worked out that makes it possible to turn a double room (or 2 separated beds) into a spacious and cosy single room for the business guest. Depending on the guests’ wishes and requirements, the room offers space for work after work or a pleasant couch for stretching out, which can be turned into a bed. Light night table, TV console, chair and table move with more

More than just a hotel lobby
Top Hotel May 2010/div>

Hotel lobbies are becoming increasingly open in design and are used as cafe lounges. In addition to this, there is a movement away from a compact reception counter in order to simplify contact to the guest. Appia Contract GmbH implemented this trend in the renovation of the Courtyard by Marriott Hotel in Linz (Austria): Since September 2009, the reception has consisted of three elements (top photo) and forms the focus of the entrance hall. Different waiting zones each have a view of the reception counter; open seating areas and screened seating berths (bottom photo) invite one to linger a while. And great importance has also been attached to the interplay of lighting and interior. Mobile standing elements can also be used as a reception at events or offer the guests temporary workplaces. This way the lobby becomes a place to chat, work, eat and relax. more

hotelstyle June/July 2010

Address: Dorfstraße 222, 5754 Saalbach-Hinterglemm
Principal: Stefan and Andrea Sommerbichler
Architect: Architekturbüro Killinger & Fink, 8010 Graz
TGA Planning: RudolfThier
Plot Area: 1,865 m2
Constructed Area: 1,450 m2
Usable Floor Space: 5,980 m2
Start of Planning: 2007
Building Time: 12 months
Appia Contract GmbH: Furnishing of the rooms more

Austria Trend Alpine Resort Fieberbrunn
Hotelbau Jan/Feb 2010

Site: Lindau 18,6391 Fieberbrunn/A
Classification: 4 stars
Owner and Principal: conwert Immobilien Gruppe, Vienna
Operator: Verkehrsbüro Hotellerie GmbH
Architects: ATP Architekten & Ingenieure, Vienna
Interior Architecture: Appia Contract, Bachhuber-Geissinger
Building Time: 5/2008 to 11/2009
Plot Size: 8,950 m2
Wellness Area: 810 m2
Number of Rooms: 144 (119 standard/25 suites) more

Hotel Schloss Lebenberg
Hotelbau May/June 2009

Site/Address: Lebenbergstraße 17,6370 Kitzbühel
Classification: 5 stars
Investor/Current Owner: BAI Bauträger Austria Immobilien GmbH
Principal: Kur- und Sporthotel GmbH
Hotel Company: Austria Trend Hotels & Resorts, Verkehrsbüro Group
Investment sum: 39 Mio. EUR
Design: Michael Rhomberg
Architect: ATP, Achammer-Tritthart & Partner
General contractor for interior construction and planning: Appia Contract GmbH
Interior Architecture/Design: Appia Contract GmbH, Planungsbüro Gabriele Bachhuber-Geissinger more

Current Projects

Park Hotel Hagenberg, Hagenberg/Austria

Park Hotel Hagenberg, Hagenberg/Austria

Interior Design Planning of 93 guest rooms and FF&E

September 2021 until end of February 2022


Award for the Relaxresort Kothmühle in Neufelden in Lower Austria

Customer reviews

Pichlmayrgut, Pichl bei Schladming/ Austria

Christian Steiner, Managing Director & Owner Hotel Pichlmayrgut

„The collaboration with APPIA was straightforward and based on partnership from the start. I had the feeling that I was understood as a customer, and requests were quickly and professionally implemented..."
... read more


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We produce in our own carpentry on 22,000 m² of company premises and already employ more than 110 people.

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